Greetings from Vail, CO: Ashley Bradstreet’s Summer Internship

Who: Ashley Bradstreet

What: Bravo! Vail Music Festival (six week music festival located in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado) Marketing / PR internship

When: Summer 2015

Where: Vail, Colorado (“Like no place on Earth”)

Why: Unlimited concert access, amazing organization and free housing

How: Google searching, previous internship experience, awesome PR program at Ferris


I guess it would be appropriate to begin with how I ended up in Vail, CO (1,500 miles away from home) working for a classical music festival (without any classical music/ arts experience). My internship search was unique to say the least. From an all-inclusive trip to Las Vegas to phone interviews in each US time zone, my journey to find the perfect summer job was long but exciting.

My two rules for applying for internships were: (1) Not in Michigan (2) Real PR work (not making copies and coffee). Born and raised in West Michigan, I wanted a taste of something new and to challenge myself personally and professionally. A strategic resume, flawless cover letter, and multiple interviews filled with well-thought out (and rehearsed) answers were all in the recipe for landing this position. After riskily declining other opportunities, I finally decided Bravo! Vail Music Festival was where I wanted to be.

Upon arriving in Vail, Colo., my fellow interns and I noted two key points: the awe-inspiring view of the mountains and the passionate team at Bravo! Vail.  From the river running through our backyard to the mountain views in every direction, we are constantly surrounded by picturesque natural landscapes.


The Bravo! staff was extremely welcoming and was well prepared for our arrival.

The office space, originally home to an architectural firm, is a breeding ground for synergy.  There is never a lacking of energy—maybe it’s the office dogs that keep us in high-spirits but it could also be the high ceilings, earth-tone colors, industrial doors or the open layout of the office.

I quickly learned I was the baby of the group. My fellow interns ranged from 23-31 and at 21 years old and the only one still in school, I was slightly intimidated. Nonetheless, I was excited to be immersed in the arts culture to not only grow professionally, but also increase my appreciation for the arts.

My daily work varies, but some of the main projects for the summer are: blog management, webpage updates, marketing material distribution, composing E-blasts, press clipping and research of the festivals economic impact.

Currently, we are in the thick of the season with long days and a lot of coffee, but watching the concerts at the GRFA at the end of the night reminds us why we do what we do.

Sending good vibes and love to my PR peeps!




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