How to Have Fun (and Stay Safe!) on Spring Break

By: Kaitlyn Baase

Spring break is right around the corner! It doesn’t matter if you are leaving the country, leaving the state or just staying at home, there are plenty of ways to make the most out of your spring break.

Out of the Country

If you’re headed out of the country for spring break, that’s awesome! One thing I would suggest doing (besides getting a tan) is trying the local cuisine. It’s always a great experience to try something you never would, especially if it is a country’s specialty. I also suggest trying something you would never do at home. For example, if you’re headed to a resort, try taking an excursion and go snorkeling or something. You will probably have to fork over some extra cash, but the experience will be worth it!

Out of State

If you’re headed out of state, make sure you make the most of your vacation. If you are driving to your destination, make sure to make pit stops at the craziest tourist traps you see. The destination will be great, so you might as well make the ride just as great! Also, make sure that you are checking out some prime tourist attractions in the area. There is more to spring break than sitting on the beach. Get out and do something!

Staying at Home

Just because you are stuck at home does not mean your break has to be boring! Is there a store or a restaurant in your town that you have been dying to go to? This is your chance! Spending spring break at home is also the perfect time to catch up on sleep, reading, TV or even homework.

Regardless of where you are going, please make sure that you are following these safety tips

  1. Watch what you are posting on social media- Just because you are having a great time living it up on the beach doesn’t mean your future employers are. Make sure you are being careful with the content you are posting, especially since it is the prime time for recruiters to check out your social media
  2. Use the buddy system- If you are not at home, make sure you are using the buddy system. That way, you have each other’s backs in case something goes wrong (which we hope doesn’t happen!)
  3. Be safe- Don’t make silly decisions. Just because you aren’t with your parents doesn’t give you a reason to go crazy and start breaking the law. Remember- laws are in place for a reason: your safety. Make sure you are staying safe, following the rules and being smart.

No matter where you are going, spring break is a time to kick back, relax and unwind before the second half of the semester begins. Enjoy it everyone and have a great time!


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