Fashion Friday

By: Katie Thornsberry

Girls, you know for the most of our closets are packed full of clothes. I’m sure most of us don’t even wear half of those clothes, either. I’m guilty of just buying somethingbecause it’s on clearance and then never wearing it while it sits in the back of my closet. So how can we make sure this isn’t a reoccurring cycle for the rest of our shopaholic lives? I’m going to list a few steps to remember when you’re shopping that can make sure you love your wardrobe and never let a garment go unworn again (hopefully).

1) Buy it only if you love it, not just like it. If you are head over heels for those $80 jeans, and only like the $40 pair because they’re cheaper, just go with your heart. You may be splurging, but you will thank yourself in the long run when you don’t let $40 sit in the closet.

2) Buy versatile items of clothing. Get that little black dress you can wear on a night out, then pair it with a blazer and statement necklace the next time to change your look entirely to business professional.

3) Think complementary colors and prints. I’m sure we all have that shirt we just had to have that goes with absolutely nothing else in our wardrobe. Next time, have in mind of what other things in your closet it could be paired with. Bold prints and colors can always be paired with a nice pair of black or white pants.

4) Wait until you have enough money saved for a shopping trip. Don’t cheat yourself out of something you’re going to wear all the time and hit the clearance racks because you don’t have the funds. Just wait!

5) Buy things that fit your body right now. I’m very guilty of thinking I’m going to stick to my diet and exercise routine to fit into the two-sizes-smaller pants I just bought. But things can change, and those items may end up sitting in your closet for a while (or forever). Be confident in the now and dress your body how it is!

For us going into the business work setting, it can be easy to pack our closets full. Next time you’re out to shop for business wear, or just casual clothing, remind yourself of these steps tohave a wardrobe you absolutely love.


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