Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas!

By: Alexa Torres

Halloween as a child was the most exciting thing in the world. If you were anything like me, you’d browse the Halloween costumes in the store way before Halloween. It was the perfect excuse to wear something completely ridiculous that you totally would wear in real-life if it were accepted. And let’s be honest, no one really cared what the costume was because you got copious amounts of candy.

Now, Halloween isn’t as exciting. Your costume totally matters and if you’re anything like me, you’re sitting in your room wondering how you can make a costume out of clothing that you already own, the day before Halloween.
But don’t you worry, I have come up with some options!

1. Be Tom Cruise in Risky Business! This is super easy because all he’s wearing is some boxers, a dress shirt, long socks and some sunglasses. Some of you may not own boxers but no worries! You can wear regular shorts and it’ll look just fine. The dress shirt may be your next worry, but you could easily ask one of your friends to borrow one, or buy one at Walmart for really cheap.

2. Be Mrs. Universe! This one just requires a dress and a sash that says “Mrs. Universe”. How easy is that? The sash could be made out of duck tape diagonally across your dress, or maybe some paper.

3. Be a Cat! Let’s be honest, we’re going to see 3001 cats out there, but they all had the same idea you did, simple and cheap. All you need is ears and black clothing. You can draw on some whiskers and tada! You’re a cat.

4. Be a Mouse! Literally the same thing as a cat, the only difference is you can be like Karen Smith from Mean Girls by pointing to your ears and say “I’m a mouse, duh”.

5. Be Katniss Everdeen! All you would need is a braid in your hair, black pants, and a black shirt. Pretty simple things, and if you’re feeling like really getting into it, you could add some cool make-up to make it look like you’ve been fighting in the games!
6. Wear your bed sheet and put it on like a toga!

So good luck procrastinators of Halloween, remember to stay safe and have lots of fun!

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