Get Your Fashion Friday On!

By: Breann Fuller

Many people have a difficult time understanding what business casual necessarily means as far as outfits go, and that’s because everyone has different taste in style. By definition, business casual is a style of clothing that is similar to the traditional business wear, but more laid back. 1The first outfit I chose to write about for Fashion Friday is a very simplistic look. I wanted to show something that is easy to put together, but also very easy to dress up with accessories.

This outfit is kind of like a staple of where to begin with business casual. Black is most popular for pants (NO JEANS!), while the color of the tops can vary tremendously and have many different prints. I personally like to put together simple outfits because I can work with accessories better when dressing it up. With business casual, you can do heels or flats; both work perfectly fine. You also don’t even need the blazer, although it gives a much more business look. A watch and/or statement necklace could easily dress up this outfit to business casual without the blazer.

This second outfit I have chosen is one of my very favorite styles to wear: all black! An all black outfit, in my mind, instantly gives a super classy, feminine, professional, 2and slimming look. What’s great about an entire outfit in black is that you can add literally any pop of color you’d like to accent it. Here, she has a black, white, and clear statement necklace on, but you can add any color and it’ll look great. Another wonderful thing about all black outfits like this is that you can add your pop of color through a blazer. A nice nude/pink would go amazing with the outfit, or even a mint!

Once you are able to understand the fundamentals of business casual wear, it’s very simple to start putting together your own pieces and making a gorgeous outfit! Below, I’ve included some personal/style blogs that I really enjoy reading and looking through, so feel free to add them to your weekly read!


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