Meet Our New Eboard!

Vice President of Client Relations: Tarah BourkeImage

Year in School: This was my third year. Next fall will be the start of my fourth.

Year in PRSSA: Third

Why did you want this position: I held this position this past year, and I decided to run again because I have a lot of great ideas I want to implement now that I know more. I love client relations and the opportunity it provides students with. They can take on a real client and offer them all different kinds of portfolio boosting services such as press releases, design work, and social media. This past year, I did not do as much as I wanted to with client relations and getting the position again gives me the opportunity to implement all of my plans. I am grateful for the opportunity.

Goals for this position: Clients will be set up a little differently next year. I really want to implement more structure to the group. Students will have to provide me with a rough 4-step plan and timeline for each client. Time logs will also be turned in each week with what they did for the clients. At the end of each semester they will have to put together a portfolio of all of their work, mainly so they have it when they are pursuing other opportunities such as internships. I really want client relations to prepare students for the real world as best as it can. We are hoping to take on more clients next year as well as furthering promotions for PRSSA as a group. One major project we have in mind is picking a philanthropy and creating a non-profit event to raise awareness for the philanthropy as well as PRSSA. Overall, I hope to have a fun year!

Other things involved with on campus: I’m also involved with Ferris State University Running Club, and I work as a cashier at MC Sports.

Vice President of Internal Affairs: Shelby AustinImage

Year in school: Sophomore

Year in PRSSA: 1st

Why did you want this position: I wanted to give back to the organization that has already done so much for me in such a short amount of time. I have experience with fundraising, sponsorships, and event planning, so Vice President of Internal Relations was a perfect match for me. I am a natural leader and like to get as involved as I can. Because I am relatively new to PRSSA, I was hesitant to apply but after a little push I went for it and I am extremely thankful I did.

Goals for this position: As Vice President of Internal Relations, I plan to organize an agency tour in Chicago and Grand Rapids. I also want to focus a lot more attention on fundraising. Fundraising is crucial to moving the organization forward. I want to help make the agency tours and national conferences affordable for everyone so we can send more members. I also want to plan monthly events PRSSA bonding events; networking is crucial in this industry so it is important we get to know the people around us. I am also looking forward to planning an awesome senior send-off.

Other things involved in on campus: Former MIMA member, current College of Business Social Media Intern.

Vice President of Chapter Development: Kaitlyn PatrickImage

Year in School: Sophomore, Junior in Fall

Year in PRSSA: Second

Why did you want this position: I wanted this position to better understand the use of social media as a PR professional. I believed that having this experience would make me a better, well-rounded PR student. Also, being VP of chapter development would continue for my writing skills to grow and continue to build my confidence with my writing. 

Goals for this position: My goals for this position consist of really “developing the chapter”. I think it would be great to extend our new logo more and possibly recruit new members to our PRSSA chapter, not necessarily just the major. I also want to efficiently help plan the trip our chapter is going to make to conference. This conference will be an amazing opportunity for our members to gain knowledge and networking skills. Personally, I hope my team enjoys working with me as well. A happy team can get A LOT accomplished. 

Other things involved on campus: I am VP of Programming within my sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha. I have had an executive council position in ZTA for 2 years. I currently work in the Athletic Department for the Assistant Volleyball Coach. I used to work on the Torch student newspaper. I sang the National Anthem at the Big Event. Mainly, I try to just be involved in as many events as possible to be an active student leader at Ferris.


Treasurer/Secretary: Emma ThibaultImage

Year in school: Freshman

Year in PRSSA: First

Why did you want this position: I wanted this position because I wanted to gain leadership skills and organizational skills in addition to the skills I have already aquired. I also wanted to show underclassmen that you don’t have to be a junior/senior in order to hold a leadership position. Getting involved in RSO’s early on in your college career is important for your academic success as you prepare yourself for your professional career.

What are your goals for this position: My goal for this position is to maintain the organization of the RSO, as well as enforce a greater sense of commitment and dedication amongst group members.

Other things involved on campus: Aside from PRSSA, I’m currently employed at the University Rec Center.



About ferrisprssa

We speak the truth with compassion. We embrace diversity in all forms. We are innovative, creative, upbeat and engaged. We are the Ferris State University PRSSA Chapter! Our student-run PR firm gives students outstanding hands-on experience and professional training.
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