Spring Break: Tips for Having Fun and Staying Safe


By: Kaitlyn Baase

Spring break is almost here! As the weather gets colder(even though we are begging for warmth), we can’t help but get a little stir crazy in here in Big Rapids. If you are leaving the state or staying in town, there are many things you need to consider to have a safe yet fun spring break. Here are some things to think about during your break.

What happens in Vegas (or PCB) doesn’t always stay there. We get it. You want to have fun on spring break. Who doesn’t? But you need to be extremely careful of what ends up on social media while you are on break. Sure, you may think you are being safe with your social media, but what about your friends? Don’t be that kid in the background of your friend’s photo passed out in a corner or holding massive amounts of liquor (especially if you are a minor!) The picture might end up online, and someone might think it would be funny to tag you in it. That is not something you want your future bosses to see.

 Know your surroundings. Make sure before you venture away from your hotel that you know where you are and where you are headed. This is a good reminder to make sure that your phone is fully charged before you leave, in case you do get lost and need to use your map app on your phone. Are you in an unfamiliar area? Use the buddy system. If you do get lost, don’t panic. Call a friend.  Make sure you have some cash or a card on you so you can call a cab to get back safely. There is no need to wander around an unfamiliar city with a bunch of strangers.

Not going anywhere for spring break? It’s okay, me either. I suffer from this horrible thing called BEING BROKE. I don’t have money to take a vacation. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to try and have some fun over break! Try and take a day trip. Go see a comedy show, take the train to Chicago, and hang out with your family.

 Make the most of your time. Use this time to set up some job shadows or possible interviews. Maybe there’s a firm down in Daytona that you are interested in. Shoot them an e-mail and ask if you can job shadow someone for a couple of hours. You don’t need to spend all that time on the beach anyways, you’ll probably just end up with a bad sunburn. If you are at home, this applies to you too. You have a whole week off to set up as many internships and job shadows as possible. I have dedicated this week to internships and have appropriately renamed it “Week of the (Internship) Hunt.”

What are your plans for spring break? Whatever they are, please make sure you are staying safe and having fun. Can’t wait to see everyone after break!


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