How to Date a PR Student

Love is in the air! Since Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, it’s time to talk about relationships. Some of us have them, some of us don’t ever want one, and some of us are single and ready to mingle! Here are some simple tips for those who want to date a PR student.

WARNING: These tips are not proven to get you a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Also, don’t panic if your significant other doesn’t follow these. Everyone is different. (:

1.  Sometimes, our phones will take priority

Sorry not sorry, but sometimes our phones are important. Don’t be surprised if we pull our phones out during dinner to check our e-mails and twitter feed. We have to keep up on our clients and opportunities we may have. Also, don’t even bother talking to us during an awards show. Unless you’re going to Tweet at me.

2.  Our schedules are crazy

This may be true with every college student, but the PR kid has a crazy busy schedule.  Job shadows, internships, meetings and homework consume our lives. When trying to make fancy dinner plans with us, we need notice. Put the idea in our heads so we know to start clearing our schedule.

3.  We are all about our relationships

The name says it all: public relations. We care about relationships like no other. We will try so hard to make sure that we are happy and that everyone around us is happy. And keep in mind that this doesn’t just include our significant others, we’re talking about EVERYONE around us. Don’t be surprised when we go out together and I run into 4 times the amount of people you’ve ever known in your life.

4.  Coffee Dates are the best dates

We LOVE LOVE LOVE coffee! The best surprises in life are always coffee. So don’t be afraid to bring us some coffee to class. Also, coffee dates are perfect. They’re great for those times where you don’t have a lot of time but want to sit back and relax for a bit.


About ferrisprssa

We speak the truth with compassion. We embrace diversity in all forms. We are innovative, creative, upbeat and engaged. We are the Ferris State University PRSSA Chapter! Our student-run PR firm gives students outstanding hands-on experience and professional training.
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