Ferris TV Production and Public Relations Students Collaborate for Talk Show

By: Amy Bardell

The semester is winding down, but Television and Digital Media Production (TDMP) and Public Relations students are still hard at work on their productions of Ferris Out Loud, a talk show “for students, by students.” Every week TDMP students showcase their production skills while the hosts develop their media skills. While this show isn’t new to campus, it’s new to the public relations co-hosts.Image

“The most fun was the filming,” said public relations student and Ferris Out Loud co‑host Jessica McLean. “I was getting pretty nervous when we sat down but as soon as the cameras started I felt really comfortable and didn’t want it to end.”

Each TDMP producer plans topics for their segment, with no repeats allowed, forcing them to take suggestions and use their creative side to fill the 30-minute time slot. Topics in the show range from events around campus and sports news to “What’s Funny” and fashion advice. But when the camera is rolling there is no set script. Hosts are given an outline showing the progression of topics, but the rest is up to where the conversation leads and their own improvisation.

“I think the unscripted part of the show makes it a better representation of Ferris Students,” said McLean. “It’s truly just four students sitting around talking about what’s happening on campus.”

Both groups of students gain a great deal of experience for this production. TDMP students are behind the scenes putting the show together, but their production is something that contributes to their professional portfolio. On the other hand, public relations students get their feet wet by being on camera, creating an interesting show and promoting Ferris Out Loud. While this was the first collaboration between TDMP and public relations students, it’s proving to be beneficial.Image

“TDMP students make the show while PR students bring in the content that will hopefully get the attention of our audiences,” said TDMP student and Ferris Out Loud producer Ronny Latimore. “There are things we may not know, but we do benefit from each other.”

To learn more about the TDMP and public relations program and Ferris visit http://www.ferris.edu. For previous episodes of Ferris Out Loud and other TDMP productions visit Ferris State TV at http://www.vimeo.com/ferrisstatetv.


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