David Murray Chips in on Social Media

By: Kaitlyn Baase

On Thursday, Oct 24, Ferris State PRSSA welcomed David Murray to campus to speak to our members about the social media side of public relations.

Here’s a little bit about David: Murray is the social media manager for Blue Cross Blue Shield Michigan. His social media team consists of ten workers and two interns. “We are very lucky to have leadership that recognize that social media is important,” he said.Image

Here is some of the advice that Murray gave students who attended:

-The average attention span on the Internet is around 2.5 seconds. The average attention span of a fish is 8 seconds. Murray said, “You have 2.5 seconds to catch attention, how are you going to do that?”

-Think of social media as a way of helping your audience. How can your content help someone out?

-Pictures and images play a big part in social media. Use pictures to create a story and to help them remember you. Try making the picture a link instead of a picture with a link. Also, don’t use stock photography. Murray said to think of your Facebook page as a visual magazine.

At the end of the presentation, students had the opportunity to ask David questions:

How do you create fresh and new content? Build your content bubble.

Your content bubble should contain four subjects: core subjects (us, products we offer,) related subjects (state news, politics), passion subjects (autism, mental health), and shared content (content that is already out there that you could use). Take the topics you can up with based off of your subjects and post content that is relevant at the time and how it relates to your company.  Also, look at good content. When was it posted? What type of social media was it? What did it attract?

How do you go about convincing employers to have social media sites? Speak their language.

One tip that Murray gave about this was to start by speaking your employers’ language. Don’t use fancy terms that they might not understand. Start with data about other brands, competitors, or even your industry. Show them where you stand in terms to those, and how social media can affect that

How do you fit crisis communications in with social media? Have a social media crisis plan.

Murray stated that they have a social media crisis plan as well as an organizational crisis communication plan. It is important to ask when the organization wants you to respond to the crisis. Wait until you get the go ahead from the organization. If dealing with a complaint, it is important to identify the person and bring to the problem correct person. It is very important to take the conversation offline as soon as possible and to make it private.

Thank you to David Murray for speaking to our PRSSA members. We enjoyed your time and learned a lot about social media!


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