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Students by day, bloggers by night; the Ferris State PR blog can only continue with the help and hard work of these dedicated PRSSA members.

1236116_508956959179634_734597916_n (1)Kaitlyn Baase

I’m a junior in the PR Program. I like cheerleading, Taylor Swift, glitter, and pizza. I absolutely love writing and social media.  Currently, I am the VP of Chapter Development for Ferris State PR. I will be starting a social media internship at the end of October for the JAM brands in Louisville, KY.

Favorite topic to write about? I don’t exactly have a favorite topic I like to write about. I really like being able to write about public relations and just real life experience without having to be so formal. Sometimes it’s nice to let loose and talk about how you really feel, or give advice that will help someone.

Favorite part of PR? My favorite thing of PR is the opportunity it has given me to grow as a person and as a leader. I really feel myself becoming more responsible and ready to take on the real world. I love how well my professors at Ferris have prepared me for an exciting career in PR.

Favorite blog to read? My favorite blog out there is Fit-Personality. It’s not a PR blog by any means (even though she is a PR major living in Hawaii), but it’s about health and fitness for an average college girl. The girl who writes the blog is really inspiring to me, and she has tons of great recipes if you’re looking to add some healthiness into your life.

Number one tip for new bloggers? Don’t be afraid! There are no set rules on how to blog. Just start writing anything. It’s a really good way to figure out your own personal style of writing.

Jessica McLean29477_1424801813068_4819048_n

I’m approaching my last year of the PR program with a Communication minor. I am the Social Media Manager of the Ferris State PR accounts. I’m crazy about writing, reading, and goats. In my spare time I am also the President of Bulldog Radio.

Favorite topic to write about? I truly enjoy writing about other people. I love learning about someone’s life and the amazing things that they are doing.

Favorite part of PR? My favorite part is speech writing and public speaking. I know that most students would consider that to be their least favorite part but it was what initially drew me to the industry.

Favorite blog to read? I have probably read everything n but I also really like this blog that spotlights how to encourage confidence in young girls.

Number one tip for new bloggers? Don’t let yourself be pressured by writer’s block! Just write whatever comes to mind and worry about editing it later.


Calsie Penzien

Likes: Cats, Chicago, Coffee, Alliteration, Musicals and Boy Bands

Dislikes: Snow, Pencils, & The Jonas Brothers breaking up.

RSO’s: I am currently the President of Spanish Club, PRSSA Blog Manager and a member of Zeta Tau Alpha.

Internships: I work at Ferris State URec and I interned at The Old Club this past summer!

Favorite topic to write about? PR Crisis. I really like to see how various industries, companies, and persons handle their PR issues.

Favorite part of PR? Social Media/Event Planning

Favorite blog to follow? It’s a funny satire on what it’s like to work in PR. It just cracks me up! Some of the content is totally relatable and some of it is just for laughs!

Number one tip for new bloggers? Really get into what you’re writing and write about something you love! Blogging is so much fun if you love what your writing about!

Carman Plank1392989_10151931114214469_195518058_n

My life can be defined in a small quote “Never get so busy making a living, that you forget to make a life.” I focus on the things that I love in life like coffee, family, and being involved. My RSO involvement includes: Ferris Idols, Ferris Debate Team, Zeta Tau Alpha, AMA, and of course PRSSA.

Favorite topic to write about? I really like writing about the events that we put on in PRSSA such as speakers, Festivus, and community service events

Favorite part of PR? Communicating with other people that you normally wouldn’t on a day-to-day basis

Favorite blog to read? PR Crisis blogs.

Number one tip for new bloggers? Don’t get discouraged when you get constructive criticism. It’s used to help you improve not to bash your writing.


1009865_10153179477650716_44661070_nJamie Dion

I dislike negativity! I’m a very positive, upbeat, outgoing, and happy person! I love coffee, music, shopping, cooking, crafting, dancing, and trying new things/meeting new people! I’ve been involved in Entertainment Unlimited and I am currently involved in PRSSA doing chapter development and Alpha Xi Delta where I am currently the President! I do not have any current internships right now, but have completed two over the past two summers and loved them!

Favorite topic to write about? I love writing about the entertainment industry and trends and also love writing about the fashion industry and lifestyle topics/trends too!

Favorite part of PR? All the opportunities it gives you and it’s so fun! I love that it’s very people-oriented, fast-paced and it incorporates multiple things like writing, social media, traditional media, multimedia, public speaking, etc. and you can work in so many different industries and experience a lot of different things!

Favorite blog to read? Anything about the entertainment industry or fashion and I also like reading PR industry news as well for industry trends/topics! I also follow a lot of sorority blogs as well because I am in a sorority! 🙂

Number one tip for new bloggers? Don’t be afraid or intimidated to write, just start writing and something great will come out of it! The more you practice your writing, the easier it will be and the more fun it will become! 🙂


About ferrisprssa

We speak the truth with compassion. We embrace diversity in all forms. We are innovative, creative, upbeat and engaged. We are the Ferris State University PRSSA Chapter! Our student-run PR firm gives students outstanding hands-on experience and professional training.
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