GVSU “Wrecking Ball” Removed After Miley Cyrus Parodies

By: Calsie Penzien

If you are a Ferris student, you most likely have been to, seen or heard of Grand Valley State University’s pendulum sculpture they have on campus.  And if you have access to a television, radio or any social media, you know who Miley Cyrus is and the recent controversies surrounding her. Well if you haven’t, you should probably Google Miley’s newest music video.  Her newest video shows her naked swinging on a wrecking ball.


It shouldn’t come as a surprise when you hear that students decided to reenact the scene, no clothes and all.  There were pictures and videos taken and posted on the Internet and it went viral. Their parodies have caused university officials to remove the sculpture. University officials are claiming they had it removed and put into storage for safety reasons; apparently the students’ antics caused the metal cable holding the monument to fray and become unsafe.  Apparently, the removal has been up in the air for a few weeks and with the recent attention brought to university, the monument has been brought down.

Students are outraged. There are Twitter accounts and Facebook pages demanding that the university bring the monument out of storage and back on campus.  The monument has been on Grand Valley’s campus since 1974.  It’s original home was in the Kirkhof Center and then after six years was moved to the Padnos Hall of Science where it has resided until recently.

ImageObviously, if there were safety concerns I definitely think that the monument should have been taken down, but not many people believe that is the case.  I think if the monument was not brought down for safety reasons, then it should have stayed up.  Taking it down caused even more attention to be brought to the University.  Everyone knows that Lady Gaga or Lindsey Lohan would probably do something stupid in a few weeks and the whole “Miley Cyrus/Wrecking Ball” scandal would have blown over. 

What do you think, should Grand Valley have removed the monument?


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