Tips to Stay Motivated During the Summer

By: Morgan Andree

Summertime is here and flying by fast as ever. If you are doing an internship or taking classes this summer and find yourself struggling to keep your motivation here are a few tips to help you!


1. Aim to become more efficient in the summer but stick to an overall schedule:
Use Post-it notes to post work goals, personal goals, homework due dates, etc. in a visible place. Color coordinate them and when you are finished with each one take it down. This will help you to stay on track and it feels good to throw the completed ones away!

2. Indulge in small summer pleasures:

No matter how much you have on your plate this summer keep a small list of things that you want to do for leisure in the summer. This could be big things like a camping trip or small things like going to the beach, a baseball game, or a concert.

3. Alter your routine:

Sometimes the smallest changes can make a big difference in motivation levels. Switch up your daily routine. Do your homework outside or at a coffee shop. Take your lunch break outside or try something new for lunch. All these things can help make your days seem less repetitive.

4. Create your own “quitting time”:

Make Sundays a relaxing day or a day off to collect your thoughts and refocus yourself for the upcoming week. Make sure to complete all homework or projects earlier in the week so the day can be used for your relaxation.

5. Acknowledge your accomplishments:

Give yourself a reward when you complete a task or assignment. Eat a snack or take a walk. Buy something for yourself that rewards your accomplishments in the summer.

6. Create new challenges:

Changing your approach can help you stay interested in what you’re doing. Re-think your projects. Let your creativity blossom, get inspired by the summer and the beautiful weather!

7. Keep your goals in sight:

Whether you are taking classes or doing an internship remember that you will soon be graduated and working for a company that you love.  Your hard work will be worth it when you’re doing what you’re passionate about everyday.


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