My Internship with Bad Rhino, Inc.

By: Carman Plank


What is social media? A way for you to tell people what you’re doing at all times? A way to showcase how you feel about a certain subject? A way to talk to people you haven’t seen in ages? While all of these are true, it is also used to market businesses and social media marketing has become an industry of its own.

Which leads me to my internship for the past 6 months. I am a Social Media Marketing Intern at Bad Rhino, Inc. Bad Rhino, Inc. is a Social Media Marketing agency based out of Philadelphia. First off, let’s get the myths out of the way: I don’t just go follow people on Twitter and I don’t just play on Facebook all day.


As a social media marketing intern, I am responsible for posting and maintaining Bad Rhino’s Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. All of this seems like being easy, but there is a lot more to running social media than people know. First off, I make schedules, lots of schedules. Google docs is a great tool for this because then I am able to share these schedules with other members of the team. Secondly, these schedules allow me to stay on pace with what is going to be posted and when. I help get the other members of the Bad Rhino team by having them send me pictures that we can post to the Instagram. This helps make Bad Rhino’s Instagram more personal and less of just another business on the social networking site. Another thing we have participated in are Twitter chats. Twitter chats are a great way for

This internship has taught me a lot. The two biggest skills it has taught me are time management and self-discipline. With my internship being virtual, I have to plan out time to get everything done and interact with the followers on our social sites. It has also helped with my writing skills, as I have blogged a few times for them.

Having a virtual internship can be difficult at times, but it has really helped me hone these skills. The cons to a virtual internship are that it can sometimes be hard to keep in contact with the people that you are working with. The Bad Rhino team and I overcome that by doing phone calls and Skype conference calls. We also communicate through email a lot.

Being a social media marketing intern for Bad Rhino, Inc. has literally been the “baddest” internship ever! I’ve loved everything about it; the ups and the downs and I can’t wait to see what this continued journey has to bring for me.


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