Points of Pride

By: Carman Plank

With finals right around the corner, this school year is coming to a close. This year has been a great one for Ferris State PR, and we want to highlight a few events and clients that we are especially proud about. But, before we do that we want to send out a big thank you to everyone who has supported Ferris State PR in all of our endeavors this year. Without you, these things would not have been possible.

Colleges Against Cancer

602181_486326364754024_1441006745_nColleges Against Cancer was one of PRSSA’s clients this year and it was an extremely successful one. The CAC client team worked hard all year on numerous events that this organization was putting on. The biggest event CAC put on was Relay For Life. Within an entire year of planning and promoting, CAC and their client team, led by Alexa Donakowski, were able to make this year’s Relay for Life one of the most successful yet. Another event that the CAC client team helped with was the Purple Glove video to help promote the American Cancer Society. During this, the CAC client team got all of Ferris State PRSSA involved in the filming of this!

Lambert Edwards and Amway tour

812746_10151223702605841_990434695_oThis year, Ferris State PRSSA was allowed to go tour Lambert, Edwards and Associates as well as Amway. Our first stop was Lambert Edwards. We were able to see the inside of the offices and got to have a quick question and answer session with some of the employees. The next stop on this tour was Amway. During this tour, we got to experience exactly what Amway does and how they do it. After the interactive tour, we got to sit down and have a panel discussion with some Public Relations specialists that work at Amway.

Vagina Monologues

935604_10152148272487565_429326951_nFerris State PR was really put to the test this year with their client Vagina Monologues. The original date for this event was March 1, 2013. However, due to a countywide power outage, Vagina Monologues and the PR client team had to think fast about rescheduling. They decided to reschedule the event to April 25, and from there it was a great show. The PR skills that are taught were needed to quickly make a decision about rescheduling. This event, including the power outage glitch, was definitely a great experience for everyone involved.


537485_430105947042733_1574501393_nEvery year Ferris State PRSSA puts on a holiday party. This isn’t just any ordinary holiday party, though. This year, it was a Spanish themed, fun time for everyone involved. It was Festivus. This year, everyone in PRSSA got together for some enchiladas, nachos and of course presents! There was a white elephant gift exchange along with many games. Oh, and don’t forget the Ugly Sweater Contest with our winner being Kellyn Vos.

With these events and many more, Ferris State PR is sad to see this year come to a close. We are looking forward to bettering ourselves and the program, while continuing many of these events next year. Thank you to everyone who has helped and contributed to making this year a success and have a great summer!


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We speak the truth with compassion. We embrace diversity in all forms. We are innovative, creative, upbeat and engaged. We are the Ferris State University PRSSA Chapter! Our student-run PR firm gives students outstanding hands-on experience and professional training.
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