Relay For Life

By: Carman Plank

12 hours. 47 teams. One big cause. On April 5th, Ferris State PR’s client Colleges Against Cancer (CAC) put on the Relay for Life event at Ferris State University. With the help of many Registered Student Organization this event was able to raise $25,543 for the fight against cancer. The Ferris State PR team did their part in helping raise funds by raising a total of $495.

Prior to this event, Ferris State PR has been working with CAC to promote the event and help recruit students through CAC’s social media sites. Not only did the client team run the social media, but they also helped design pluggers and flyers to hand out around campus.


At the event, there were over 40 teams that participated, including Ferris State PR and their “Mean Girls” themed booth. Everything from Greek life to College of Pharmacy was represented and there was never a lack of something to do. With events such as a cake decorating contest, a dodge ball tournament, and Mrs. Relay, the night was filled with many laughs and great times.

“My favorite part of Relay was the cake decorating contest. It was a new competition and I was amazed at how well it turned out and how professionally done the cakes looked,” said CAC President, Whitney Rivest. The teams even stepped in with fun events such as pieing a friend in the face and playing bra pong. “I really enjoyed the fact that everything was themed to the movies, and that there was never a lack of something to do,” said freshman Darian Stevens.

ImageFerris State PR is so glad to have had CAC as a client and being able to help with such a meaningful event. Whitney contributes a good chunk of the large turnout to the amount of social media coverage that Alexa Donakowski and her client team were able to give the event, both before and during. “Alexa and her crew from PRSSA were extremely passionate about getting the word out and took our social media to the next level,” says Rivest.

Needless to say, Ferris State students as a whole really stepped up to the plate to make this event a success. We thank everyone who came and participated and helped Ferris State Relay for Life raise over $25,000 to help fight cancer.


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