Kit Kat Vs. Oreo- The Perfect PR Move

By: Carman Plank


Public relations and creative social media marketing were brought to a new level with the recent interaction between Oreo and Kit Kat on Twitter. After Laura Ellen mentioned both of the following companies in a tweet, Kit Kat took that as an opportunity to “challenge” Oreo for Lauren Ellen’s love.

Instead of giving in to the challenge, Oreo conceded and complimented how great Kit Kat Bars taste by using one of their signature images.



Now that’s good public relations. While everyone, especially Laura Ellen, was  waiting for Oreo’s next move: Oreo was using real-time marketing to make both themselves and Kit Kat look good. Oreo could’ve gone with the challenge and continued the game by entering their image, but that’s not what they did. They used good public relations and sportsmanship to compliment Kit Kat and the taste of the candy bar. Oreo used this opportunity to build their brand of being supportive of other competitors.

Whether you are a Kit Kat fan or an Oreo lover, you cannot deny the prevalence of good public relations in this “fight” for chocolate-lover Laura Ellen’s attention.


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