Interview OOTD

By: Samantha Bankey

ImageLast week, I was honored to take 2nd place for Ferris State’s Career Services “Suit Up Challenge!” The object of the competition was to put on your best interview attire, come up with a short-and-sweet reason of why you deserve the job you’d be interviewing for, and get some Facebook likes.

The most important part of an interview is definitely how you dress. Before you even have the chance to open your mouth, your future employer will judge you just by the way you look. That’s why it’s so important to always look your best.

Here are the details of my outfit so you can shop around for a similar one. Just a note, this is not a suit! It does look like one, because the fabrics and color of the fabrics are similar. 

Blazer: Express, $98

Yes, very expensive. Although I have another blazer from JC Penney that cost around $30, this blazer fits me so well and looks so nice on me. It’s worth every cent! Remember, your wardrobe items can be looked at as an investment. If your jacket is $100 and you wear it, say 20 times a year (around twice a month, give and take), it only costs you $5 a wear in a year. Do it another 20 times the following year, and it cost you $2.50 a wear. Not too shabby, right?

Top: Express, (price unknown)

Since I can’t find the top on the site, try this similar one from Forever 21 ($12)! As if I need to say this, but always be sure your tops are appropriate. If you even feel slightly uncomfortable in it, take it off and put something else on. Even if a part of your top is scratching you the wrong way and it’s itching or irritating your skin, switch it out. You don’t want to be distracted.

Skirt: Charlotte Russe, $18

I love this skirt so much! It’s nice and long and I never feel like I need to pull it down. Again, be sure to go with a skirt that is a similar/the same fabric and same color as your blazer. This gives the effect of a suit when it really isn’t one. Same goes with pants, too. Different color blazers and skirts/pants are fine for a more casual day, but for an interview you should try to match these things.

Shoes: K Mart, $20

Although us heel-lovers know that platform pumps are the new regular and are indeed much sexier, this isn’t the time to bust them out. Our legs don’t need to look extra long, and our feet don’t need to be extra uncomfortable. Get a pump without the platform that is easy to walk in and doesn’t show off your sex appeal. The last thing you want is to fall or give the wrong impression with seven-inch heels on! 

I’m also wearing simple stud earrings and a light pink nail polish. Always be sure your nails are clean and not too overdone with art if they’re painted.

Good luck, and go nail those interviews!


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