A New PR-spective

By: Kaitlyn Baase

After visiting Amway last week with Ferris State PR, I’ll admit I was kind of confused and overwhelmed. First of all, this place was GIANT. Bigger than any place I’ve visited in awhile. I never even imagined for some reason that a place like Amway would need PR. The public relations major inside of me eventually realized every place needs PR, but that’s not really the point of my story.

So I started thinking: What places are out there that you don’t necessarily think of when you say the words “Public Relations?” My mind immediately went to Dow Chemical. Dow reminds me so much of Amway. They are both large companies known all over the world. I ended up talking to my second cousin, Jeff, about public relations over at Dow. He works over there as a community relations leader in Michigan.


Our conversation started off talking about how he thought it was funny to say public relations, because he has always called it public affairs. It’s the same thing though. He then began talking to me about different types of PR. One thing he made sure of was to remember that there is more out there than just small PR firms. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with these small firms, but the possibilities out there for PR are endless! At large companies like Dow, they have different groups that do different types of PR.

He told me that at Dow, they have a branch specifically for event planning. Jeff said that they will plan trips and business meetings for CEO’s. They plan everything from the dinners, events, and hotel arrangements. He said they also take clients and others out to different concerts, restaurants, and sports games that are hosted at their venues.

Another thing that I thought was cool is that he said they actually hire out firms to do work for their own clients! He said these small firms are hired out to do press releases, video-news releases, and other tasks like that.

The longer I talked to him, the more my eyes were opened up to businesses like this. I never thought a chemical company would have such an extensive public relations program. To everyone out there looking for your perfect little niche in the PR world: remember to think outside of the box. Your dream job might not be exactly where you think it will be.


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We speak the truth with compassion. We embrace diversity in all forms. We are innovative, creative, upbeat and engaged. We are the Ferris State University PRSSA Chapter! Our student-run PR firm gives students outstanding hands-on experience and professional training.
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