Super Bowl 47: The Blackout

By: Jared Kissane

Last Sunday night many of us got together with family and friends to enjoy the last football game of the season we all know as Super Bowl 47. Whether you spent your time yelling at the television acting as the know-all living room coach, or just focused on catching up with friends and enjoying the food and commercials chances are you saw what occurred in the second half.


With the Baltimore Ravens holding a commanding lead over the San Francisco 49ers early in the second half, gameplay was suddenly brought to a halt due to over half the lights losing power inside the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. A delay that lasted 32 minutes in full, left many fans wondering when gameplay would finally resume and if this would effect the Raven’s short lived momentum after Jacoby Jones returned the second half’s opening kick-off 109 yards.

It was reported in a recent CBS news article that there was no panic inside the Mercedes-Benz Superdome’s control room but their was an uncertainty to how long it was going to take them to revive power. With 108.4 million people watching, Super bowl 47 was the 3rd most watched television program in U.S. history. So what were fans from all over the world doing during the blackout? They were posting on Social Media of course!


Trendrr TV, a company that tracks social media traffic, reported a final count of 47.7 million social media posts throughout the duration of the game. That comes out to almost 12 million posts per hour, 200,000 posts per minute, and 3,333 posts per second all about the Super Bowl. The two previous super bowls have a combined count of only 20 million social media posts during the game.

This just goes to show how quickly social media is growing in our society. I think the fact that people all over the globe are becoming more and more interested in social media is not only really awesome, but it’s exciting. In just the past 5 years we have seen businesses very successfully promote, market, and advertise their products and brands. As a student of business and public relations, this makes me excited to finally land that first job, because who’s to say that through social media I won’t be connecting with people all over the world?

ImageSocial media is driving the world of business today and has become an extremely important tool for young professionals. I urge you to explore the world of social media and become as familiar as possible with it as you can.


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