By: A.J. Petix

SNAP! Someone just took another photo of her Starbucks to upload to Instagram. Some of you may think photos are starting to get pretty cliché. I know I am, and apparently social media giant Twitter thinks so too. They recently released a new app for iPhone that does all the same wonderful things as Instagram… but with six second videos.

Whoa. Totally changing up the game here, guys. Photos capture single moments. Videos can capture half a dozen moments at once.

ImageWith the way I just worded that, I know a lot of you are rolling your eyes or laughing, but this really does make for a fun time. People have recorded their food disappearing, their drinks being consumed, and their cats in different places around the room. Those are all fun and games. The cool part is when you follow people—like musicians and actors—who post new content and information through video. A photo can only provide a moment into someone’s life and they’re easy to manipulate. Vine is making things a little more real and believable.

Think of the opportunities for people in the PR world! Tweets can become enhanced through videos. People who can’t attend events get a real view into the size of them in ways Instagram can’t. Vine’s user base is small right now, but I think in the next year it could grow at a rate similar to that of Instagram. Hopefully an Android version comes out soon, too. If you’ve got an iPhone, be sure to download Vine and follow me!



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