Say It Isn’t So!

By: Calsie Penzien

Beyoncé’s breathtaking voice is one of the most recognizable voices to this generation, which is why it came as such a shock that she was recently accused of lip-syncing the National Anthem at President Obama’s second inauguration.

Critics everywhere are going back and forth on whether she was really using her own vocals or if the performance was pre-recorded.  There are many pieces of evidence pointing to either scenario.  At one point in the performance, it is said that you can hear the wind and Beyoncé’s scarf fluttering near the microphone.  Then there are also people who say after her performance, Beyoncé was approached by Kelly Clarkson, who seemed to be saying, “It’s so hard,” which could be referring to the difficulty of lip-syncing.


At one point in her performance, Beyoncé took out her earpiece and this is probably the most controversial aspect of this developing story.  There are people who say this is foolproof evidence that she was in fact lip syncing, but others say it was just her taking the earpiece out because it was distracting her from her live performance.

Beyoncé or any of her representatives have not given any insight into this yet.  The only activity from the pop star was on her Instagram account, where she posted a picture of her holding sheet music for the National Anthem in a recording studio. Even though no one has said anything, Beyoncé’s fans are outraged but if it does come to light that she lip-synced, her reputation probably won’t be bruised.  Other famous stars have lip synced and are still amazing performers, like Whitney Houston, Faith Hill or Jennifer Hudson.  She is scheduled to sing at the Super Bowl, but there is speculation out there to whether or not she will do it live.

I personally cannot decide whether or not she is actually singing, but I’m definitely rooting for B!  I hope she really did sing, and this just blows over soon. But what about you, do you think she really sang or not? Check out the video and see for yourselves, and let us know what you think!


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