The “New” MySpace

By: Sean Godfrey

In November of 2012, the social media website MySpace overcame several design flaws by completely revamping the design of their website. This opened the door for attracting attention, especially to several new crowds. MySpace, under the direction of Justin Timberlake, changed several design flaws and revamped its entire layout to a more user-friendly template. Timberlake, gaining much of his fame through his albums, has given the site a more musical feel.

ImageThe new site reminds me a lot of Spotify, a global social networking site where users share music and playlists with their friends on Facebook. On MySpace, users make “connections” with their friends, bands, and musical artists, and follow brief 150 character messages, almost like Twitter. Combining the style of these two sites could create a social media platform to the degree of MySpace’s previous popularity, which was used globally by billions of people.

The site has impressed me since the site first started inviting users in November. I have gotten a feel for the new layout, and I believe that it could catch wind fairly quickly. One main thing that impressed me was the quickness of its news feed, as well as the artist’s profiles. Celebrities can make public profiles and only share posts with the people they are connected to individually, which also impressed me. The site’s discretion for people in the public eye is a cool feature.


Public relations uses a variety of social media platforms to reach certain publics. MySpace not only broadens our range as PR pros, but also gives us an opportunity to engage our demographics in an entirely new way. I think within the next year or two, PR pros will catch on to this new trend to tailor it to their clients.

Facebook however will continue in its popularity. Current generations have grown to use the site and operate it with ease. This is not to be said about our future. As generations grow, trends fall into different hands. After all, it was the college age adults of our present that brought Facebook to its current popularity.


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