Manti Te’o Catfished?

By: Courtney Guajardo

Star linebacker of the Notre Dame Football team Manti Te’o is incredibly talented and likely to be drafted to the NFL league in the near future. Currently, in the news and social media, there has been a lot of discussion concerning Te’o.

During 2012 Te’o spoke to the public about the heartache of losing his girlfriend Lennay Kekua to leukemia in September. Support from his fans and teammates were overwhelming to help him through his pain while still playing for Notre Dame. But now the football star is under a lot of speculation due to the recent news that Lennay Kekua never existed.

Manti TeoMany fans are confused as to why Te’o would lie about something as serious as cancer. Te’o told the public that the situation is embarrassing and has not spoken much since. However, some fans and supporters of Te’o including the athletic director of Notre Dame believe that he is a victim of an internet scandal called ‘Catfishing’.

In a Catfish scandal, made popular by the MTV series “Catfish, “ a fake person or profile is created by someone.  The fake person then proceeds to date someone over the Internet. In the specific case of Manti Te’o, investigators believe that Lennay Kekua’s Twitter account was created by an unidentified person, and that Te’o was unaware of the scandal while it played out.

catfish-the-tv-show-595x446Fans and teammates of Manti Te’o are still skeptical of the entire situation because of how elaborate and complicated it is. And whether or not Te’o is a victim, the possibilities of a catfish scandal are still prevalent problems in the social media world. The Internet is a resource that is now accessible to almost anyone and it has the ability to be very helpful or extremely deceiving. While the situation is not resolved and there are still many complications and questions about what will happen to Te’o, it is important to remember the proper use for social media cites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Hopefully within the next couple of weeks Teo’s PR team will find a way for the issue to blow over and come forward to the public with honesty. Staying quiet will raise more questions and the people are interested in what really happened.


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