Student Spotlight: Veronica Dodd

This weeks student spotlight is on Veronica “V” Dodd, a senior in the PR program.

Where are you from? I am from Rochester, MI.

Why did you choose PR as a career path? PR is my fourth major. Prior to PR, I majored in criminal justice, graphic design and english. I have a lot of interests, so deciding a major was a struggle. Finally, I switched into PR my third year in college. I liked the combination of writing and creativity. The increasing job outlook made me pretty happy too.

What internships or experiences have you had so far? I have had two internships so far. My first was an HR/PR internship at American Axle and Manufacturing. It was a great learning experience because it allowed me to handle people in different situations. Relating to others is a big part in PR, it was nice to get first hand experience at AAM. I was also able to work on traditional PR tactics like making posters and monthly newsletters. I am currently interning at Bad Rhino Inc, which is a social media marketing firm located in Philadelphia. I manage all of the companies social media accounts. Social media is still very new and continuously evolving. Most PR companies require that you have social media experience and I was allowed to get that at Bad Rhino.

What do you want to do with career and where would you like to end up? After graduation, I would love to work at a PR firm in either Grand Rapids or Chicago.

Other than Ferris State PR, what other Ferris activities are you involved in? Other than PRSSA, I am involved in Ferris State Colleges Against Cancer.

What position do you hold in PRSSA? I am on the client relations team for PRSSA. I am on the PR teams for Mr. Karl’s hair salon, UPS apartments, Ferris State Colleges Against Cancer, and am the Account Executive for Artworks BR.

What is your favorite thing about Bishops classes? My favorite thing about Dr. B’s class is how close of a group we all are. He provides a balance of jokes and learning that not many professors can do. He really cares about each one of his students and it shows. Dr. B has turned this group into a family.


About ferrisprssa

We speak the truth with compassion. We embrace diversity in all forms. We are innovative, creative, upbeat and engaged. We are the Ferris State University PRSSA Chapter! Our student-run PR firm gives students outstanding hands-on experience and professional training.
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