Christmas? PR Peeps Prefer Festivus!

By: Calsie Penzien

This year’s Festivus really knocked it out of the park for returning students and new freshman.  The night started out in the business building with its traditional taco bar and then moved on to the Rankin Center Dome Room for games, ice breakers, a white elephant exchange, a photo shoot and the infamous ugly sweater contest.6992_10151989549535400_1244428143_n

After the taco bar, everyone made their way to the Dome room and started the night by playing an icebreaker.  The icebreaker involved students trying to get other people to smile by going up them and saying “Honey, I love you.  Will you please smile?” and having the other person reply with “Honey, I love you, but I just can’t smile” without smiling. The game definitely got everyone up close and personal with each other, but that’s just the way PR Peeps like it!  An intense game of musical chairs followed and Veronica Dodd was crowned the champion.

The white elephant gift exchange was a hit with people winning all sorts of odd and useful gifts.  Everyone could bring a five dollar gift and was passed around the circle until everyone’s gifts were shuffled among everyone.  The variety of gifts was priceless, there was everything from a princess bouncy ball to Starbucks gift cards to a gnome to a musical triangle.

68461_10151989551360400_654087200_nThis year’s ugly sweater contest sported many awesome and outrageous sweaters.  This year, the coveted prize went to Kellyn Vos and her sweater, complete with flashing lights and dangling ornaments.

“The competition for the ugly sweater contest was pretty fierce! Everyone looked great! Thank you to all who voted for me this year, I just wanted to be silly and ‘bright’!” said Kellyn about her sweater.

Overall the night was a fantastic success.  Freshman Natalie Bycraft had nothing but good things to say about the event, “I had so much fun at Festivus! I really enjoyed being with all our PR people because everyone is just terrific!  I had a ton of laughs and I couldn’t stop smiling. I had so much fun playing games, dancing, and taking pictures!” Huge shout out to the Internal Relations team for setting this up


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We speak the truth with compassion. We embrace diversity in all forms. We are innovative, creative, upbeat and engaged. We are the Ferris State University PRSSA Chapter! Our student-run PR firm gives students outstanding hands-on experience and professional training.
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