Alumni Interview: Ellery Daniels

By: Jamie Dion

Where are you originally from? Where are you living now?

I am originally from Big Rapids and now I live in Grand Rapids.

Why did you choose a PR career path?

I chose to pursue a PR degree because I felt that it fit my personality and perspective career choices. I love to work with people and I felt that this was the best field for me.

What internships or experiences did you have during college?

While at Ferris I completed 2 internships. My first internship was with the Big Rapids Radio Network. I got to run all of their special events (bridal shows, parades, Meijer madness, auctions, country music singing competition, etc.), managed their social media sites, cut on-air commercials and LOTS more.

My second internship was with SpringHill Camps. I was involved in all of their marketing efforts, wrote a blog and created a video-blog, and a program that I piloted was actually integrated into their camp.

What are you doing right now with your PR degree/what is your job title and description?

I currently have a part-time and full-time job. My part-time job (which I accepted pre-graduation) is with the Gilmore Collection. I am the Guest Liaison for The BOB in downtown Grand Rapids.  My full-time job (which I started in August) is with Kohler Expos. Inc. where I am the Executive Assistant to the owner. Kohler puts on Bridal Shows and Women’s Expos at DeVos Place and The Lansing Center.

What did you learn from Ferris State’s PR program that is beneficial to you in the real world?

I know that he won’t believe me, but I learned the most from Dr. B. Although myself and some of my classmates were problematic at times, Dr. B expected professionalism, impeccable work, and to always have a voice.

Are there any struggles or challenges you faced within your career that you weren’t prepared for or any challenges you overcame?

The only thing I would say that I struggled with is just being in an environment that I wasn’t used to. It took some adjusting to be in a new city, new jobs and a new work environment.

What advice would you give current PR students?

 My favorite quote is by E.E. Cummings – “It takes courage to grow up and be who you really are.”

This is something I would challenge all PR students to think about. I know sometimes is it hard to stay true to your convictions and to go against the grain. You only get the opportunity to be young once so chase things that make you happy. I would tell all students to appreciate the cruddy jobs because it makes the good jobs that much better, to take every opportunity to grow as a person, to always stick up for yourselves and always be true to who you really are.


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