Internship Spotlight: Avery Larson

By: Jared Kissane

What company did you intern for?

I interned for a company out of Denver, Colorado called Social Media Energy-Digital Marketing Agency. Although the company was based in Denver I was able to work in Big Rapids while taking summer courses.

What were some of your responsibilities during the internship? 

The responsibilities I had were to manage 20 plus clients’ social media content. I was to run their Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin accounts. I am still interning for the company now and my clients range from Wine brokerages to Physical Therapy to fraternity life. So I am all over the map with clients!

What was an average day on the job like?

An average day for my internship was to log on to all of my clients social media platforms and research what was going on in their industry. I researched articles online that I could use for content to post on their Facebook and Twitters. I also posted questions to engage with the audience on their SM sites.

How did you get the internship?

I got the internship because the CVO of the company is a family friend of mine and he is actually a graduate of Ferris and an alumnus from the social fraternity on campus, Lambda Chi Alpha. I applied back in the spring of 2012 and had an interview with a lady who would be my future supervisor for my internship.
What is something you learned during the internship that you couldn’t learn in a classroom? 

Something I learned from the internship is how to build audience engagement and traffic to your SM site. There aren’t specific classes on social media and how to create the right content for companies so this definitely was a new experience for me and I have found what I enjoy doing!

Any final thoughts or advice you have on internships?

Get experience early on! I had a small experience with a digital marketing agency out in California before my internship with SME, and I was able to grasp the information I was given from my prior experience to what I was given for SME, so that really helped a lot and it was a smooth transition into the internship. Get involved on campus at your University, job shadow, network, and take as many internships as possible. Everything looks great on a resume; build that up as well as your portfolio.


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