American Apparel and The Gap: PR Issue

By: Courtney Guajardo 

The natural disaster that occurred recently, known as Hurricane Sandy has left many U.S. citizens devastated with the amount of damage it caused. While many companies are trying to do what they can for efforts of relief, others have been completely insensitive.

The Gap was trying to promote sales by tweeting “All affected by #Sandy, stay safe! We’ll be doing lots of shopping today. How about you?”  The post has been removed since then. However, as most people know, once something is put online, it can never truly be removed. This tweet sparked anger in American citizens and could potentially harm their entire company.

Another company that tried to use Hurricane Sandy to an advantage was American Apparel. People on their e-mail lists received coupons for a 20% off sale due to Sandy. The coupons were offered to only those who lived on the East Coast and were affected by the storm. While this may be a nice gesture, the victims of Sandy probably weren’t thinking about their next shopping spree at that moment. Many saw this as a large company trying to bank off of misfortune.

Tweets and e-mails like this can severely damage a company’s image. Making them seem out of touch with their clients. This is why it is important for not only companies to protect their images through social media but individuals need to as well.



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