Internship Spotlight: Liz Michalski

Liz Michalski at the kickoff of Pinktober

By: Kaitlyn Baase

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take a class assignment and turn it into an internship? Liz Michalski, a senior in the Public Relations program, did just that. Michalski interned this fall for the Cass City Chamber of Commerce’s event, Pinktober. Pinktober is a month-long fundraising event to raise awareness and collect donations for breast cancer in partnership with the American Cancer Society.

I actually used my supervisor’s hair salon as my client in PREL 341 & 342. She was on the Chamber of Commerce’s board at that time and she told me about Pinktober. I tweaked my plans for that specific event and then presented what I did to her. She loved it so much, she said she wanted to use everything I suggested in her own Pinktober event, the Pink Party. It basically went from there and turned into an internship,” Liz said.

A scene from the Spirit in the Sky Lantern Launch

Michalski said one of the most important things she learned from her internship was patience. While the events took place in Cass City, MI, Liz was working from Big Rapids and only communicating through phone and e-mail.

One of the cool things about Michalski’s internship was the fact she was able to work on it while in Big Rapids. “My normal day would be, here, in Big Rapids, usually out of my apartment,” Michalski said. “I would research breast cancer awareness and contact media outlets to inform them of our events, along with updating their Facebook page daily.”On the weekends, Michalski would go home and host the different events that were a part of Pinktober. Some of the events Liz was in charge of hosting included Ta-ta Trot, a window decorating contest, and the Pinktober finale.

“The best part of my entire internship was the Pinktober Finale. Seeing everyone in the community come together for such an important cause was incredible,” Michalski said. “It really helped show me that this is what I want to do with my career. I love the warm fuzzy feeling you get when something incredible goes off without any problems.”

Overall, Pinktober was a huge success. Ferris State PR is proud of Michalski and all of the work she put into her internship.


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One Response to Internship Spotlight: Liz Michalski

  1. acornelison1 says:

    Im a college student looking for an internship for summer right now and I found this blog to be really interesting. I really loved the cause that this promotes. It is amazing how you turned a project into such an inspiring internship. Im sure they were really please in you and hope to one day be able to have such a meaningful internship such as you had.

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