PR Around the World: Saudi Arabia

This post is from our international student, Noura Ashri, from Saudi Arabia. Noura is a freshman in our PR program.

I did this interview with Abdulhafiz Kutbi, his major was PR. He’s working in Saudi Arabia airlines, currently he is retired.

What do you like about PR?

PR is a field that differs from one department to another, because it coordinates between governments departments and the media like spokesmen in the white house.

What are your duties in your career?

My duties in career as PR are to keep up to date in knowledge and communication and connection with the others within that department we work for. And to deal with other internal departments or other government departments and the media according to the policy for that department we work for. PR person normally is the official spokesmen for the departments he works for as the white house spokesmen for example.

What are your achievements in PR field?

To be a successful PR person must be highly educated, information up to date, to be familiar with the world media and news, making professional reports collection information. PR person has to be very diplomatic and short in corresponding and dealing with media. Must follow his department’s policy.

What is it like to be a PR person in Saudi Arabia?

PR task is the same in all over the world

What is the most important thing to be a PR Person?

PR job is not an easy job to do. It requires as we mentioned before education, communication, connections, cleverness, foresight, experience, reading a lot, and talking to the media according to the situations.

Why do you like your job??

PR fields are very interesting to the ones they love.

Any advice for students who are studying PR? 

The advices for students studying PR are to have the will to be so, plus to read a lot about PR in all aspects related to.



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