PR Issue: Justin Bieber Exposed

By: Jamie Dion

Calling all Justin Bieber fans! Have you ever hoped and prayed a “personal” picture of the Biebs might just surface the internet? Well, your wish may have come true.

The Biebs tweeted that his camera and laptop were stolen from his tour manager’s office during a stop in Washington while on tour. “I had a lot of personal footage on that computer and camera and that is what bothers me most. #lame #norespect.” Apparently, there is now a nude picture floating around the Twitter world.

Bieber’s people aren’t currently commenting on this, but the picture has since been taken down. The PR team is pretty much keeping quiet and letting it blow over. It is said the picture of the lower body shows the same tattoo Bieber has, but all the “Beliebers” out there say it isn’t him because the belly button in the picture doesn’t match Justin Bieber’s. (Those are some true fans right there!)

As a PR student and hopefully a future entertainment publicist one day, this probably isn’t the worst thing that his PR team would have to deal with, but it definitely is an issue. This type of thing could even lead to a lawsuit being that there was a robbery involved and some privacy issues going on.

I’m quick to think that I would have made a statement right away letting his fans know not to fret and there are people investigating the situation. I also would’ve made a statement that everyone, yes even celebrities, have a personal and private life and this picture is clearly a fraud, but there’s no reason to judge what’s on a young guy’s computer! We can all bet that Bieber will be tweeting about the situation soon enough and no damage will come of this.

So far, he has just been tweeting how upset he is. “Sucks when you take personal footage and people don’t respect your privacy.”

As for Justin Bieber’s “innocent teen idol” image, I think it’s safe to say he’s growing up and the public can’t keep looking at him as a teen boy. The Biebs is becoming a man! And I’m sure this won’t be the last of these kinds of scandals for him.

What are your thoughts on how this should be handled? Is it a big enough issue that Justin should do an interview or two about it? Or would a statement be enough? What do you think a day in the life of Justin Bieber’s publicist would be like? Never a dull moment I’m sure!


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