SocialFest 2012: Huge Success!

By: Calsie Penzien

Social Media is one of the most dominant influences throughout a college campus.  This past week, Ferris hosted a week-long celebration of all things social called SocialFest 2012.

Put on by Ferris State University’s Social Media Team, SocialFest 2012 brought a whole week of events starting with the YouTube film festival on Monday and ending with Ferris’ football home opener on Saturday.

One of the biggest events of the week was Luke Wyckoff on Tuesday evening.  Wyckoff is a Ferris Alumnus and owns Social Media Energy and Wyckoff Consulting.  Wyckoff talked about the importance of social media and how it can impact your professional life.  Ferris students were treated with a lot of interesting facts about some of the most popular Social Media Websites.  One interesting tidbit that made my jaw drop was that even if someone’s profile is set to private, employers can still see what you have on there.  So when people say that what they post on the internet is out there for the world to see, they really mean it even if they think it is private.

Bulldog Bonanza

The fourth annual Bulldog Bonanza kicked off on Wednesday night.  This year, students could enter a contest to see who could get the most likes for a caption of a photo of Ferris’ infamous mascot, Brutus.  The winners of the SocialFest Caption Contest were Brett Monroe and Tina Yahr, each winning for two of the four photos.

The week ended with Ferris’ football home opener on Saturday.  The Bulldogs were down at the half, 23-0 but made a shocking comeback in the second half.  Unfortunately, the Bulldogs still came out on the bottom with the final score being 47-32.

Overall, Ferris’ SocialFest 2012 was a huge success and it impacted a profound amount of students on campus.  SocialFest really helped students not only gain a better understanding of social media but provided the university with a week of fun activities for all.


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