Fashion Week’s Catfight

By: Olivia Adams

Have you ever imagined a catfight between a public relations professional and a journalist? Who would hit first? The journalist or the PR pro?

Believe it or not, last week during New York’s Fashion Week, Jennifer Eymere, editor Jalouse Magazine, slapped Public Relations Executive, Lynn Tesoro. Tesoro, cofounder of HL Group, was trying to seat Eymere and her party at an event for Zac Posen. In the heat of the moment, Eymere slapped Tesoro. No one knows exactly why Eymere slapped her, but Eymere claims Tesoro was inappropriate towards her mother, Marie-José Susskind-Jalou, president of Jalou publishing house.

Lynn Tesoro

Following the slap in the face, Tesoro pressed charges against Eymere and sued for one million dollars.

This “slapped suit” not only proved that is violence wrong, but also it is a great way to earn your self a negative reputation. Since Eymere is the editor for a popular French fashion magazine, it may deter the way people view that magazine. Maybe the French will support Eymere. However, Americans are not taking this situation lightly.

How would it be possible to recover from this PR incident? Will the one million dollars be an acceptable apology? It could be possible that the lawsuit would be enough humiliation to make Eymere learn her lesson. She should have learned from this incident that public       relations professionals know how to recover and in essence, throw the next blow.

From the view of a public relations student, the lawsuit is a great comeback, but I think a public apology is also in order. At most, Tesoro will only receive $20,000 for the suit, according to John Lenior of Lenoir Law in New York. Can money buy back one’s reputation? Eymere should not only apologize to Tesoro but also to HL Group, Fashion Week, and all of those involved with the fashion industry. Tesoro’s dignity was jeopardized when Eymere slapped her, causing emotional distress. The time it takes Tesoro to recover from this event may be worth every penny of the lawsuit, but a sincere apology from Eymere and Jalouse is necessary.

If and when Tesoro wins the suit against Eymere, Jalouse will have a lot of cleaning up to do. Violence is never appropriate in any situation; therefore Eymere shouldn’t be let off the hook too quickly with this PR faux pas. It is going to take a really good apology to improve their reputation for the American fashion industry.

I think the lesson learned from this public relations issue is not to mess with PR pros because they know how to defend their dignity and reputation. This is also a lesson on using good manners. Regardless, it should be common sense not to resort to violence in at an international fashion event. Who received the slap in the face now?

What do you think? What amount of public relations will save Jalouse’s reputation in the fashion world?


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