Social Media: DAWGon Important for Your Future

By: Avery Larson

For the week of September 10-15, Ferris State University is hosting an event to engage students in social media known as SocialFest 2012.

On Tuesday, September 11, Ferris brought back an alumnus, Luke Wyckoff, owner of Wyckoff Consulting and Social Media Energy, to speak to students, faculty, and community members about the importance of social media and how it can affect your future. Actually, let me rephrase his topic in Ferris lingo…Wyckoff spoke about social media and how it is DAWGon important for students’ futures!

The event took place in Williams Auditorium and lasted two hours, which also included a panel discussion in the last hour of the presentation. Two of our Public Relations majors and PRSSA members, Dominic Hennig and Samantha Bankey, took part in the panel and totally ROCKED it! Many students asked the panel questions about privacy settings and if those settings really mean anything.

Wyckoff spoke to over 300 people about social media engagement, how to correctly build your own brand, as well as the effects of your social media posts later on down the road when you look for an internship or job. He repeatedly said that everything you put on the Internet is “free game.” Companies, as well as Luke’s company, is watching what you say and how you say it. Businesses are listening to you, whether it is positive or negative!

SocialFest 2012 got social at Wyckoff’s presentation with a live twitter feed of tweets from viewers in the audience! If you would like to learn more about Wyckoff’s company “LIKE” Social Media Energy on Facebook or follow them on Twitter @DenverSME. If you are looking for a recap of the event, check out our Twitter @FerrisStatePR for social media tips!


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