Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas!

By: Alexa Torres

Halloween as a child was the most exciting thing in the world. If you were anything like me, you’d browse the Halloween costumes in the store way before Halloween. It was the perfect excuse to wear something completely ridiculous that you totally would wear in real-life if it were accepted. And let’s be honest, no one really cared what the costume was because you got copious amounts of candy.

Now, Halloween isn’t as exciting. Your costume totally matters and if you’re anything like me, you’re sitting in your room wondering how you can make a costume out of clothing that you already own, the day before Halloween.
But don’t you worry, I have come up with some options!

1. Be Tom Cruise in Risky Business! This is super easy because all he’s wearing is some boxers, a dress shirt, long socks and some sunglasses. Some of you may not own boxers but no worries! You can wear regular shorts and it’ll look just fine. The dress shirt may be your next worry, but you could easily ask one of your friends to borrow one, or buy one at Walmart for really cheap.

2. Be Mrs. Universe! This one just requires a dress and a sash that says “Mrs. Universe”. How easy is that? The sash could be made out of duck tape diagonally across your dress, or maybe some paper.

3. Be a Cat! Let’s be honest, we’re going to see 3001 cats out there, but they all had the same idea you did, simple and cheap. All you need is ears and black clothing. You can draw on some whiskers and tada! You’re a cat.

4. Be a Mouse! Literally the same thing as a cat, the only difference is you can be like Karen Smith from Mean Girls by pointing to your ears and say “I’m a mouse, duh”.

5. Be Katniss Everdeen! All you would need is a braid in your hair, black pants, and a black shirt. Pretty simple things, and if you’re feeling like really getting into it, you could add some cool make-up to make it look like you’ve been fighting in the games!
6. Wear your bed sheet and put it on like a toga!

So good luck procrastinators of Halloween, remember to stay safe and have lots of fun!
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Grammar Police Unite!

By: Chandler Owen

Living in a generation where it’s becoming appropriate to use abbreviations in almost all outlets of communication, it’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of poor grammar and misspellings.

Stay strong, friends! Don’t let the fad of incorrect grammar and spelling get to you. To help you avoid this wave of flawed language principles, here are the top five most common grammatical and spelling errors when writing:

  1. Your vs. You’re

C’mon guys, we learned this in secyoureond grade. Just think about what you’re trying to say in your writing.

“Your” is a possessive pronoun. Some examples are “your mom” or “your room.”

“You’re” is a contraction for “you are.” Example anyone? If you’re a Grammar Police, you’re the coolest.

  1. It’s vs. Its

This trips a lot of writers up. It’s a common mistake, but easy to avoid if you understand the grammar behind it.

“Its” is a possessive pronoun, while “it’s” is a contraction of “it is.”

Just repeat the sentence out loud using “it is” in replacement of “it’s.” If it doesn’t work, then “its” is probably the way to go.

  1. There vs. Their

Make sure to watch for this when you proofread! Do the “that’s ours!” test before making your decision. Use “their” if you’re talking about more than one person and something they possess.

“Their” is possessive. Their house! Their mom! Their computer! Their pencil! It’s theirs. All theirs. They own it.

“There” is a little more complicated because it’s used in many different ways. It’s used as a pronoun, like “there is no other way!” It can be used as a reference to a place, too. “Hey, let’s visit there.”

  1. Affect vs. Effect

This one gets me every once and while. You have to think through it before making the correct decision, like any other common grammar mistake. Here we go:

“Affect” is a verb. Example! “How much you spend at Taco Bell today will affect how much money is left for going to Shooter’s tomorrow.”

“Effect” is a noun. Another example! “The effect of lack of sleep on college students has been researched thoroughly.”

  1. Miscellaneous Errors

Here are a few common mistakes that get under my skin that should be avoided at all costs to prevent grammar police from having an aneurism.

-I couldn’t care less, not I could care less

- One and the same, not one in the same

- For all intents and purposes, not for all intensive purposes

Become a Grammar Police and avoid losing credibility by dodging these simple grammatical errors!

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What I Learned at PRSSA Nationals….

By: Emma Thibault

This year’s PRSSA National Conference was held in Washington D.C., particularly within the beautifully designed and historic Omni Shoreham Hotel! 10454297_721149577938367_2477399047638544736_n

For anyone that doesn’t know, PRSSANC is an extended weekend full of networking, keynote speakers, educational workshops, sight seeing, etc. Not to mention being in the same confines as thousands of college students that share the same love/hate relationship as you do… public relations!

I would rather not bore with you with the endless things I learned at the PRSSANC, so I will highlight the key points that have stuck with me post-conference.

  1. You’re never too young to get involved

I never admitted this, but prior to attending the National Conference I was intimidated to be going to such a professional event. I thought, “I’m only a sophomore, I barely know press releases, I don’t even know what area of PR I want to focus on, and I’m going to be with a bunch of well experienced, know-it-all, upperclassmen…” Luckily, this was not the case. In fact, I am SO grateful that I had the opportunity to attend PRSSANC.

The conference was predominantly Junior and Senior year college students who did have a lot of real-world experience under their belt. I was fortunate enough to hear some of their stories about internships, the whoopsie’s they made on the job, the connections they had, and where to get started. Hearing their advice and personal experiences was a big eye opener for myself. It allowed me to determine where I want to be when I graduate and what it will take to get to that point in my career.

I recommend taking an hour out of your day to write a career plan for yourself. Include where you currently are, and the position you want to end at when you graduate. Insert incremental goals along the way that will help you reach your desired outcome. You’d be surprised what an hour of idealizing your future can do for you.

In one of the workshops I attended one of the speakers said, “Do what you can with what you know and what you have right now.” I internalized this quote and took it to heart. Not every individual, whether they are a student or a professional, meets the criteria for a job position 100%. Heck, aren’t we going to college because we don’t know what we’re doing in the first place?

The intimidation f10653333_716170071769651_8097791320159014189_nactor is normal. If your dreams don’t intimidate you, they’re not big enough.

You have to know your strengths and weaknesses both personally and professionally. Capitalize on your strengths. Strengthen your weaknesses. You’re never too young to get involved. There is a position out there for you, you just have to find it!

  1. The sky’s the limit

If you cannot already tell, I have been on a huge motivation kick since PRSSANC J I know we have all heard that quote that has seemingly been engrained in our minds since childhood, “you can do whatever you put your mind too,” but it’s true!

At the Conference we were able to network with top business professionals from companies such as Edelman, Ketchum, Weber Shandwick, Spectrum, and General Motors just to name a few.

It was as if I was star struck being in the presence of professionals that dominate the PR industry on a global spectrum. Interestingly enough, they were in our shoes one day until something triggered that internal fire to want to be the best.

ABC’s “Good Morning America” anchor and PRSA Presenter, Amy Robach, stated, “with enthusiasm, hard work, and tenacity you will accomplish whatever you set your mind to.”

PRSSANC triggered my internal fire and I now catch myself saying that cheesy quote I’ve been hearing all my life, “sky’s the limit.”

What is your internal fire, your calling, your passions, and your fears? The world is waiting; now go show them what you got.

  1. Do What You Love, Love What You Do (And We’re Doing it Pretty Dang Well)!

One of the most rewarding experiences I took away from PRSSANC was the positive feedback about Ferris State’s PR curriculum. I cannot tell you the amount of references student’s made about their liberal arts classes, communication classes, or journalism classes. Dr. Bishop has been right all along… we have the ONLY program in the country within the College of Business. Be grateful people!

10592923_718299364890055_5459854571147688882_nThroughout the Conference professionals would mention how student’s NEED to take AIMC classes, BLAW, Accounting, and Finance in order to be successful in the industry. I am pretty sure my mouth dropped when hearing these exact words by some of the most prestigious PR professionals. It was a great feeling and sense of accomplishment to know that the stress headaches, all-nighters, doubts, and tears will be worth it.

So to everyone out there that hates on COB students, tell them to think again because us PR people are doing it pretty dang well!

In conclusion, I whole-heartedly recommend students to go to PRSSANC in 2015! Next year’s National Conference will be held in Atlanta, Georgia, so start saving people!

Until next time,

Emma Thibault

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Katelyn Crain’s Tips For Success

By: Mari Ann Loucks

Ferris State University alumna, Katelyn Crain, gave a presentation showcasing tips and skills required for a successful career to students on Thursday, Oct. 9. She talked about her experience working at Eisbrenner Public Relations, a company that believes in working hard and having fun. Katelyn had some helpful tips and skills required in order to be successful.

Katelyn’s Tips for InterviewsKatelyn Crain

  • Keep your resume clean and tailor it to the company that you are applying for. For example, showcase your public relations skills when applying for PR positions.
  • Come to the interview with questions and don’t be afraid to take notes – it shows that you are engaged.
  • Dress for success! That means jeans are unacceptable.
  • Send a thank you note or a thank you email to your interviewer afterwards! Make sure to personalize it, and reiterate the reasons why you would be the best candidate for the job.

Skills Required for Success

  • Maintain a positive attitude.
  • Be sociable.
  • Be reliable.
  • Consistently be on time.
  • Stay organized.
  • Take initiative.

Don’t be overwhelmed if you feel unprepared for an internship.  Katelyn said, “Highlight your skills. Just because you haven’t had an internship doesn’t mean you don’t have skills.”

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What to Expect at #PRSSANC

By: Kaitlyn Baase

296407_d636295cf34146a095004ba249cf7b87.png_srz_471_372_85_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_png_srzPRSSA National Conference is right around the corner! I’m actually typing this up in the airport terminal waiting to board my flight to D.C. (: After months of planning and fundraising, it’s crazy to think that this weekend is actually here. Here’s a quick list of what members going to #PRSSANC can expect.

Making New Connections

You are going to meet so many new people. Every person that you meet is an opportunity to make a connection that could change your life. Take the time to have genuine conversations with those you meet, and don’t forget to give them a business card! You never know who you may work for/with someday. Also, what is better than a whole conference filled with #PRpeeps?!

Making New Friends

Going along with making connections, you are going to make some amazing friends at #PRSSANC. Make sure you use some of your free time to hang out with your new friends in the city! The friendships you make there can last a lifetime.

Expanding Your Horizons

With so many different general sessions taking place, its going to be a great way to expand your thinking of PR. There are sessions about every type of PR industry you could think of! Check out some sessions that may be different than what you would normally attend. You never know if you’re interested in something if you don’t go out and explore!

An Experience You Will Never Forget

This weekend has the potential to change your life. You have so many great opportunities at your doorstep, so make sure you are taking advantage of them.

If you’re not going this weekend, don’t fret! Follow along with the conversation by following the hashtag #PRSSANC. You will be able to see updates from students and professionals from all over the country.

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Get Your Fashion Friday On!

By: Breann Fuller

Many people have a difficult time understanding what business casual necessarily means as far as outfits go, and that’s because everyone has different taste in style. By definition, business casual is a style of clothing that is similar to the traditional business wear, but more laid back. 1The first outfit I chose to write about for Fashion Friday is a very simplistic look. I wanted to show something that is easy to put together, but also very easy to dress up with accessories.

This outfit is kind of like a staple of where to begin with business casual. Black is most popular for pants (NO JEANS!), while the color of the tops can vary tremendously and have many different prints. I personally like to put together simple outfits because I can work with accessories better when dressing it up. With business casual, you can do heels or flats; both work perfectly fine. You also don’t even need the blazer, although it gives a much more business look. A watch and/or statement necklace could easily dress up this outfit to business casual without the blazer.

This second outfit I have chosen is one of my very favorite styles to wear: all black! An all black outfit, in my mind, instantly gives a super classy, feminine, professional, 2and slimming look. What’s great about an entire outfit in black is that you can add literally any pop of color you’d like to accent it. Here, she has a black, white, and clear statement necklace on, but you can add any color and it’ll look great. Another wonderful thing about all black outfits like this is that you can add your pop of color through a blazer. A nice nude/pink would go amazing with the outfit, or even a mint!

Once you are able to understand the fundamentals of business casual wear, it’s very simple to start putting together your own pieces and making a gorgeous outfit! Below, I’ve included some personal/style blogs that I really enjoy reading and looking through, so feel free to add them to your weekly read!

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Let’s Think Pink!

By: Chandler Owen

It’s October and PRSSA is beginning to Think Pink.

10425426_761441190560954_1179826512689133125_nZeta Tau Alpha’s Think Pink month is now one of PRSSA’s clients. PRSSA will be writing press releases, making a social media plan, and helping the sorority promote the different events through out the month of October.

Zeta Tau Alpha’s Think Pink month lasts for the entire month of October. The month raises awareness for Breast Cancer Awareness and Education. At PRSSA, we know how important it is to become aware, become educated, and learn to prevent breast cancer, so we are excited to be teaming up with Zeta Tau Alpha and thinking pink!

The biggest event is the Breast Self-Exam Workshop on October 18 in the UREC. Here, you can learn how to properly perform a breast self-exam and enjoy an inspiring event loaded with important information that can save lives. Understand the importance of early detection through survivor stories and workshop sessions.

Zeta Tau Alpha also will be handing out shower cards and pink ribbons in the IRC throughout the entire month.  For more information, contact Carman Plank, Director of Philanthropy for Zeta Tau Alpha.

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